In this course, we'll cover how to complete an in-depth investigation of a ped-bike crash and build a bulletproof case which will hold up to intense scrutiny.

You can use these techniques to Calculate accurate speed estimates using multiple formulas, Identify evidence quickly allowing you to clear the scene faster, and even avoid the pitfalls of using the incorrect formula!

In fact, here's just a sample of what we'll answer for you / cover in this incredible


  • Over 20 formulas for determining speeds in ped-bike crashes 

  • How to determine the area of impact for the pedestrian or bicyclist

  • Calculating a reasonable walking velocity for pedestrians

  • How to perform a Monte Carlo simulation to strengthen your case

  • Time and Distance calculations for pedestrian and bicyclist-involved crashes

  • Documenting and understanding injuries

  • Counter-measures to prevent ped-bike crashes

  • Documenting and interpreting evidence located on the scene

  • Understanding the anatomy of the crash

  • Hit-and-Run Investigation

  • Documenting your findings in an expert report....... and much, MUCH More!


Never be caught off guard or unprepared to handle a pedestrian or bicycle collision again after taking this course that will finally show you how to investigate a ped-bike crash from start to finish, from documenting and interpreting evidence on-scene, calculating velocity, determining if speed was a factor, and writing a bulletproof report for court.

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